Ekaterina Shanina, Russia

Full name
: Ekaterina Shanina
Home country: Russia       
Home institution: Moscow Pedagogical State University  
Host institution in Austria: PhWien   
Study programme: Languages and Literature
Duration of your stay in Austria: 4,5 months (Oct-Jan 2012/2013)
Current position: Student

Why did you choose Austria?

I wanted to improve my German. Also Vienna is the cultural capital of Europe. So it’s a great opportunity to live and to study here.

Why would you recommend Austria as an interesting study location?

It’s a good place for German-speaking students or for students who want to learn German. As for me it was also very interesting to see another educational system, because the Austrian system is quite different to the Russian educational system. A student who wants to stay in Austria will have enough time not for only studying but also for visiting many interesting places and sights.

What did you like about Austria?

Austria is an amazing country! It has a very long and marvellous history! You can stay in Vienna with its beautiful buildings such as Stephansdom or Wien Staatsoper; then you can take a train and in a couple of hours you can go skiing in Zell am See. The country is not big (in comparison with Russia) but there are so many interesting places!

What were the challenges you had to deal with?

The first challenge for me was Austrian German, but only at the beginning of my staying. Then everything was perfect!

What else I would like to say

I’m very glad that my university has this exchange programm with PhWien! I’m very happy to be here! And also I would like to say thank you to international office in PhWien, as they help us (Erasmus-students) very much in everything!I hope that I’ll be able to come back to Austria!

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