Nejc Kuhar, Slovenia

Full name
: Nejc Kuhar
Home country: Slovenia       
Home institution: Music High school Ljubljana  
Host institution in Austria: Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität / Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien   
Study programme: Composition / Guitar
Duration of your stay in Austria: 5 / 6 years
Current position: Composition MA, Guitar MA studies

Why did you choose Austria?

Firstly, I think Austria (Vienna especially) is one of the best places to study music because of the music tradition and it’s importance. Classical concerts are great and musicians are very well accepted and respected.

Secondly, the teaching system in Vienna’s music universities is of the great quality, with great professors, experiences and good conditions for students.
And thirdly, the competitive environment is very helpful for students to become as best as they can be; it is hard but worth it.

Why would you recommend Austria as an interesting study location?

All of the above, but what is more, also lifestyle and standard in Austria is very good: health care, infrastructure, salary…

What did you like about Austria?

Austria is an amazing country! It has a very long and marvellous history! You can stay in Vienna with its beautiful buildings such as Stephansdom or Wien Staatsoper; then you can take a train and in a couple of hours you can go skiing in Zell am See. The country is not big (in comparison with Russia) but there are so many interesting places!

What were the challenges you had to deal with?

All of the above. For me was also a great experience in music development and possibilities, that the student and musician has. Also, in my opinion, we (the foreigners) are very well accepted and well treated, sometimes even welcome (on music universities is this internationality especially vivid).

What else I would like to say

To put in very short sentence, studying and living in Austria is an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anybody.

Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna
1010 Vienna | Johannesgasse 4a
T +43 1 512 77 47-0
F +43 1 512 77 47-7913 

Information about courses, entrance examinations
information – student administration – exams office
1010 Vienna | Johannesgasse 4a
(3rd floor | room 3.19 and 3.20)
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F +43 1 512 77 47-99–89332,
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