You plan to travel through Austria or Europe?

Then you will find all the necessary important information about travelling by bus, train or plane here.

Austria is a very small country, but has an extensive public transport system. You do not really need a car to get around Austria or to different parts of Europe.

Vienna is the only city, which has a metro – all other cities have a good bus or tramway system for getting around. For a detailed overview of the public transport network in your town or city, check out the town's website.

By bike

One very cheap and easy was to get around a city is by bike. In Vienna you can use the CityBike, which allows you to drive around Vienna almost for free. To become a Citybiker you need to register one time only. After your registration and payment of the registration fee (1 euros), you can hire a bike from any bike station. The first hour you use the bike is free of charge.

By train

Travelling by train is the easiest way. The OeBB (Österreichische Bundesbahn) is the public railway company and offers special rates for travelling within Austria or to neighbouring countries. If you want to save money, book a SparSchiene Ticket, which is available for as little as 9 euros. If you want to discover Europe, you can travel with a SparSchiene ticket starting at 19 euros to the most beautiful cities in Europe. Visit the homepage of the OeBB to find out more about the different leisure tickets.

The Westbahn is the first private railway company in Austria, which offers a passenger train service between Vienna and Salzburg. They offer cheap tickets and you can also buy the tickets right on the train!

By plane

Vienna is a good starting point if you want to fly to other cities. Additionally, cheap airlines also start from Bratislava, which is only about one hour away by bus or train. If you want to save money, book your ticket in advance on the Internet.

Car sharing

If you only need a car for a weekend trip or a shopping trip, you can try out a car sharing agency. Cars are available at different locations in Austria and if you combine it with the train, it’s even cheaper!
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