Entry to Austria

To enter Austria for study purposes, one might need a visa and/or a residence permit.

This section briefly lists the essential points you will need to take into account and then further directs you to the right sources for additional information. Please note that the detailed requirements for a visa and/or a residence permit depend on your nationality. Therefore it is very important that you always check with the appropriate authorities in Austrian and/or in your home country as to which rules and procedures concern you based on your particular situation.

> Information for nationals of EU/EEA countries (please click)


Nationals of EU and EEA member countries as well as Swiss nationals do not need visas or residence permits. However, when staying in Austria for longer than 3 months, such students need to apply for a confirmation of registration (Anmeldebescheinigung) at the immigration office (Landeshaupmann, Magistrat, Bezirkshauptmannschaft) within 4 months of entry into Austria.

For further information, please visit the homepage of the OeAD.

> Information for nationals of other countries (third countries) (please click)

If you do not have EU/EEA or Swiss nationality, you are a so-called national of a third country and you will need a visa C (stay up to 90 days) or visa D (stay up to 180 days) for entry into and study purposes in Austria.

If you are staying for longer than 6 months, you have to apply for a residence permit for study purposes (Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende) at the Austrian representative authority before entry into Austria after receipt of the notification of admission. The application will be sent to Austria and the decision has to be awaited on in one’s home country (therefore the application should be submitted at least 3 months before intended arrival in Austria).
Exception: Applicants who are allowed to enter Austria without a visa (information about this is available from the Austrian embassies) may apply for and receive the residence permit from the Immigration Office once they are in Austria.

For further information, please visit the homepage of the OeAD.

Start preparations early

We recommend that you start the visa process early (about three months before you plan to enter Austria), as it may take some time for you to collect all the relevant documents.

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