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Austria combines a long tradition of higher education with state-of-the-art research. Austrian higher education institutions offer an ever-growing number of degree programmes: one can choose between first-class research-based courses at Austrian universities, a world-famous education at any of the universities of the arts, high-quality practice-oriented degree courses at the universities of applied sciences, and sound and up-to-date teacher education and innovative courses at private universities.

In the following subsections you will find a short presentation on universities, universities of applied sciences, private universities, and university colleges of teacher education

> Universities (short presentation)

Research Universities -  A wide variety of study options

Austrian universities have enormous variety in terms of both size and structure. Their educational offerings reflect this diversity. The study programmes at the traditional comprehensive universities in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg cover a broad spectrum of academic subjects. Austria’s technical and medical universities, on the other hand, concentrate on a range of highly specialized theoretical and applied disciplines.

Research and teaching are seen as an inseparable entity at Austrian universities. Underpinned by this tenet, all academic fields (Humanities, Natural Sciences, Law, Social and Economic Sciences, Medicine, Technology, Mining Sciences, Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences and Veterinary Medicine) aim at fostering interdisciplinarity. Interdisciplinary research work promotes a university education that strives to develop far-sighted concepts and solutions.

Universities of the Arts – Tradition and Modernity

Whether it is music, dramatic arts, fine arts or applied arts, Austria’s universities of the arts provide an ideal space to tap into the fascinating interaction of art and science and acquire an exquisite education in a host of subjects.

> Universities of Applied Sciences (short presentation)

A booming sector

Since the start of the first few universities of applied sciences’ (Fachhochschule) degree programmes in the winter semester of 1994/1995, a constant growing demand has been experienced in this sector.

In the areas of economy, tourism, technology, information technology, health, security, media and design, the universities of applied sciences provide students with qualifications for specific occupations that are in line with the demands of trade and industry.

Mandatory career-oriented practical training units or job-based internships are part of the universities of applied sciences’ degree programmes. Extra occupational studies for working individuals are also offered, which take into account the specific situation of working students.

Whether you are interested in modern telecommunication technologies, e-business, biotechnological processes, traffic ecology, industrial IT, healthcare management, facility management or any other of the variety of subjects taught, the study options at the universities of applied sciences are adapted constantly and in permanent dialogue with trade and industry to meet the trends and requirements of the time.

> University Colleges of Teacher Education (short presentation)

The Austrian University Colleges of Teacher Education offer a three-year (six semester) Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree in combination with a teaching qualification for primary, secondary or special needs schools. Some also offer BEd degrees for polytechnic schools and for teaching religious education. The University College of Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy offers a Bachelor of Education in combination with a qualification for teaching in schools of agriculture. Graduates of higher secondary education are accepted at the

University Colleges after going through a screening procedure and after successfully completing a four-week information period. The study programme is comprised of courses in educational science, subject studies relevant for the respective teaching qualification and practical school experience. There are nine state-run University Colleges, e.g. in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Styria, Vorarlberg, Carinthia, and two in Vienna as well as five private institutions maintained by the dioceses of Graz, Innsbruck, Linz and Vienna and by a foundation in Burgenland.

> Private Universities (short presentation)

A perfect study environment.

Austrian private universities offer innovative and high quality education and provide students with personal attention at the highest academic level. Continuous internal and external evaluation of teaching and research as well as active promotion of the arts assures constant university quality development. The Austrian private universities refine existing and establish new degree programmes based on current and future educational needs. Periodic external reaccreditation reviews supplement internal quality management and provide graduates with excellent chances for their future careers.

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Higher Education Institutions
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